Business / Real Estate / Execute: The act of making a document legally valid, such as formalizing a contract by signing or acknowledging and delivering a deed. In some cases, execution of a document may refer solely to the act of signing, in other cases it may refer to complete performance of the documents terms.

Other Words for Execute

Execute Verb Synonyms: put to death, kill, put to the sword, butcher, liquidate, assassinate, murder, remove, slay, bump off, rub or wipe out, snuff (out), knock off, waste, ice
Execute Noun Synonyms: accomplish, do, carry out or off or through, perform, discharge, dispatch or despatch, bring about or off, implement, engineer, cause, pull off, put over, swing, cut, hack (out)

Deed Executed Pursuant To Court Order

Business / Real Estate / Deed Executed Pursuant To Court Order: Executors and administrator deeds, masters deeds, sheriffs deeds and many other types are all deeds executed pursuant to a court order. These deeds are established by state. MORE

Hip Check

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Hip Check: A check on which the defensive player bumps the opponent with the hip. As a verb, to execute such a check. MORE

Puritan Interregnum

Entertainment / Literature / Puritan Interregnum: The term refers to both the Puritan government established under Oliver Cromwell after a civil war against the British monarch and those years in which that government lasted (1649-1658). This interre MORE

Easter Uprising

Entertainment / Literature / Easter Uprising: On Easter Monday in 1916, about 1,200 Irish revolutionaries armed with only rifles engaged in an aborted rebellion against English domination of their country. They attempted to capture the fourteen m MORE


Health / Massage / Tapotement: A Swedish massage technique executed with cupped hands, fingers or the edge of the hand with short, alternating taps to the client. MORE

Drop Pass

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Drop Pass: When a player passes the puck directly behind him to a teammate. If executed properly, the puck stops moving and the pass's receiver catches up to it. MORE