Familial Status

Business / Real Estate / Familial Status: Familial status is defined as one or more individuals who have not obtained the age of eighteen (18) years, being domiciled with a parent or other person having custody, or anyone who is pregnant. It is therefore unlawful to refuse housing to anyone with children under the age of 18 or anyone who is pregnant, except when such housing meets the definition of housing for older persons.

Other Words for Status

Status Verb Synonyms: eminence, prominence, pre-eminence, standing, stature, importance, significance, repute, reputation, rank, station

Status Change

Health / Dentistry / Status Change: A lifestyle event that may cause a person to modify their health benefits coverage category. Examples include, but are not limited to, the birth of a child, divorce or marriage. MORE

Tax Status Election

Business / Finance / Tax Status Election: Computer software designed to assist taxpayers in filling out tax returns and minimizing tax liability. MORE

Claim Status

Health / Dentistry / Claim Status: Claims are Paid, Pended, Denied, or Received-Not-Yet-Processed. MORE