Flat Fee

Business / Real Estate / Flat Fee: A property management fee expressed as a dollor amount per year or month.

Other Words for Fee

Fee Noun Synonyms: pay, payment, emolument, compensation, recompense, honorarium, remuneration, rate, wage(s), stipend, salary
Fee Verb Synonyms: charge, price, cost, fare, bill, tariff, toll, damage(s)

Other Words for Flat

Flat Noun Synonyms: absolutely, completely, categorically, utterly, wholly, uncompromisingly, irrevocably, positively, definitely, directly, exactly, precisely, flatly
Flat Adverb Synonyms: room(s), flat, suite (of rooms), chambers, tenement, garden flat, maisonette, penthouse, studio, bedsitter, bedsit, accommodation, living quarters, digs , apartment, furnished room, walk-up, duplex, triplex
Flat Adjective Synonyms: level, horizontal, even, smooth, plane, unbroken, uninterrupted

Redemption Fee

Business / Taxes / Redemption Fee: Some open-end mutual funds impose a redemption fee when you sell shares in the fund, often during a specific, and sometimes brief, period of time after you purchase those shares. The fee is usually a MORE

Loan Origination Fee

Business / Real Estate / Loan Origination Fee: The processing of a mortgage application is known as loan origination. When a mortgage loan is originated, a loan origination fee, or transfer fee, is charged by most lenders to cover the expenses inv MORE

Loan Fees

Business / Real Estate / Loan Fees: Also called loan origination fees. Costs charged by a lender for giving out a loan, may include points, tax service fees, an appraisal fee, etc. MORE

Loaned Flat

Business / Finance / Loaned Flat: Securities lent interest-free between brokers to cover customers' short sale positions. MORE

Look and Feel

Entertainment / Video Games / Look and Feel: Based on the legal principle of 'trade dress.' Someone might make a video game that plays roughly similarly to, for example, Tetris, without violating copyrights or trademarks of the owners of Tetris. MORE

Made Feelings

Science / Psychiatry / Made Feelings: delusional belief that ones free will has been removed and an external agency is controlling ones feelings MORE