Business / Real Estate / Flush: To open a cold-water tap to clear out all the water that may have been sitting for a long time in the pipes. In new homes, to flush a system means to send large volumes of water gushing through the unused pipes to remove loose particles of solder and flux.

Other Words for Flush

Flush Noun Synonyms: blush, redden, crimson, glow, burn, color (up)
Flush Verb Synonyms: animate, stir, inflame, impassion, quicken, arouse, excite, elate, encourage, cheer, delight, thrill, gladden
Flush Adjective Synonyms: solvent, well supplied, comfortable, well-to-do, well off, well-found, wealthy, rich, prosperous, affluent, moneyed, well-heeled, on Easy Street, in the money, in the chips, loaded, rolling (in money or it)

Flush X Pin

Entertainment / Bowling / Flush X Pin: Expression to describe leaving a pin on a solid shot; i.e., I left a flush 8 pin. MORE

Flushing Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Flushing Time: The time required to remove or re-duce (to a permissible concentration) any dissolved or suspended contaminant in an estuary or harbor. MORE

Flush (Mounting)

Technology / Home Audio / Flush (Mounting): Mounting a speaker in such a way that the speaker and its Grill do not protrude above the surrounding surface. Usually, this means mounting it at the back of the baffle board (the board the speaker is MORE


Life Style / Tea / Plucking: the process of harvesting the tea by cutting the flush from the growing tea shrub. MORE

U.S. Open

Entertainment / Tennis / U.S. Open: The US Open or U.S. Open (or formally United States Open) tennis tournament is the modern incarnation of one of the oldest tennis championships in the world, with the U.S. National Championship (for m MORE


Life Style / Tea / White: a special type of green tea. Distinguished by the presence of the white hairs of the tea flush (baihao) and a lighter green, almost clear, infusion. MORE