Fully Amortized

Business / Real Estate / Fully Amortized: Fully amortized mortgages are paid in equal monthly installments, which include interest and amortization of principal, paid over a period of years. The interest is set at a predetermined rate and is charged only on the loan balance. As payments are made, the amount allocated to interest decreases while the amount allocated to principal increases. At the end of the term the mortgage will be paid in full, including interest. No balloon payment is required.

Fully Modified Pass-Throughs

Business / Finance / Fully Modified Pass-Throughs: Used to describe an investor whose assets are totally committed to investments, typically stock. MORE

Fully Invested

Business / Finance / Fully Invested: A new stock issue that has been completely resold to the investing public and is no longer held by dealers. MORE

Fully Valued

Business / Finance / Fully Valued: Agency pass-throughs that guarantee the timely payment of both interest and principal. Related: Modified pass-throughs. MORE