General Partner

Business / Real Estate / General Partner: In a limited partnership, the individual or company aquiring, organizing and managing the investment.

Other Words for General

General Adjective Synonyms: mixed, assorted, miscellaneous, heterogeneous, encyclopedic or encyclopaedic, diversified, extended, broad, comprehensive, inclusive, all-inclusive, non-exclusive, overall, blanket, across the board, sweeping, panoramic, catholic, composite, combined
General Noun Synonyms: common, prevailing, accepted, popular, public, communal, community, widespread, shared, extensive, prevalent, universal, worldwide, global, comprehensive, inclusive, all-inclusive, non-exclusive, overall, unrestricted

Other Words for Partner

Partner Noun Synonyms: companion, fellow-dancer
Partner Verb Synonyms: sharer, partaker, associate, colleague, participant, accomplice, accessory, confederate, comrade, ally, collaborator, companion, team-mate, fellow, alter ego, friend, pal, sidekick, mate, buddy, cohort

Limited Partnership

Business / Finance / Limited Partnership: A partnership that includes one or more partners who have limited liability. MORE


Business / Accounting / Partnership: An association of two or more individuals or organizations to carry on economic activity. MORE

General Partnership

Business / Finance / General Partnership: A participant who has unlimited liability for the obligations of a partnership. MORE

Limited Partner

Business / Finance / Limited Partner: A partner who has limited legal liability for the obligations of the partnership. MORE

General Revenue

Business / Finance / General Revenue: A partnership in which all participants are general partners. MORE

National Rural Development Partnership

Business / Agriculture / National Rural Development Partnership: A collaborative effort comprised of representatives of the federal, state, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector to promote rural development across the nation. T MORE