Goal Setting

Business / Real Estate / Goal Setting: A planning tool where agents establish, in writing, exact short-term, intermediate-term and long-term goals. Goals should be reasonably attainable and progress should be periodically evaluated.

Other Words for Goal

Goal Noun Synonyms: object, aim, purpose, end, objective, target, ambition, ideal, aspiration

Other Words for Setting

Setting Adjective Synonyms: mounting, scenery, background, backdrop, locale, location, surroundings, habitat, home, environs, environment, milieu, frame, context, site, placement, stage set or setting, mise en scŠne, scene

Long-Term Goals

Business / Finance / Long-Term Goals: Financial goals expected to be accomplished in five years or longer. MORE

Macro Setting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Macro Setting: A close-up feature on some cameras. MORE

Management Goals

Business / Finance / Management Goals: A set of conditions a business is striving to achieve. These may include requirements for debt/equity ratio, working capital, or dividend payments. See also covenants. MORE

Manual Setting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Manual Setting: Allows you to set speed, aperture and other features. MORE

Location Settings

Technology / Television (TV) / Location Settings: Pre-existing settings that are chosen as backgrounds for television programs. MORE

ISO Settings

Technology / Digital Cameras / ISO Settings: Adjustable on some cameras to simulate speed of film. MORE