Government Lot

Business / Real Estate / Government Lot: Fractional sections in the rectangular (government) survey system that are less than one quarter-section in area. Areas smaller than full quarter-sections were numbered and designated as government lots by surveyors. These lots can be created by the curvature of the earth, by land bordering or surrounding large bodies of water, or by artificial state borders.

Other Words for Government

Government Verb Synonyms: rule, command, authority, regulation, control, management, direction, administration, sway, superintendence, supervision, oversight, guidance, domination

Other Words for Lot

Lot Adjective Synonyms: collection, batch, consignment, assortment, group, portion, set, quantity, grouping, apportionment
Lot Noun Synonyms: lottery, drawing, raffle, drawing lots or straws


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Orbital Slots

Technology / Television (TV) / Orbital Slots: Orbital slots refer to the location of satellites around the globe. Their are 6 main slots used for DBS TV. MORE