Graduated Commission Splits

Business / Real Estate / Graduated Commission Splits: Other companies have graduated commission splits based on a salespersons achieving specified production goals. For instance, a broker might agree to split commissions 50/50 up to a $25,000 salespersons share, 60/40 for shares from $25,000 to $30,000, and so on. Commission splits as generous as 80/20 or 90/10 are possible, however, particularly for high producers.

National Drought Policy Commission

Business / Agriculture / National Drought Policy Commission: P.L. 105-199 (July 16, 1998), the National Drought Policy Act, authorized creation of the Commission to conduct a study of current federal, state, local and tribal drought preparedness, and review law MORE

Negotiated Commission

Business / Finance / Negotiated Commission: An unfixed broker's commission that is determined through negotiation, depending on the specifics of the trades performed. MORE

No Loan, No Commission

Business / Real Estate / No Loan, No Commission: A listing agreement requiring that escrow be closed and title transferred before an agent is entitled to a commission. MORE