Business / Real Estate / Guardian: A person, appointed by court or by will, given the lawful custody and care of the person or property of another (called a ward). The ward might be a minor, an insane person or even a spendthrift. The guardian may, upon court approval and without necessity of obtaining a real estate license, sell the wards property if it is in the best interest of the ward.

Other Words for Guardian

Guardian Noun Synonyms: protector, defender, paladin, champion, trustee, custodian, keeper, preserver

Guardian ad Litem

Life Style / Adoption / Guardian ad Litem: A lawyer or lay person who represents a child in juvenile or family court. Usually this person considers the 'best interest' of the child and may perform a variety of roles, including those of indepen MORE

Legal Guardian

Life Style / Adoption / Legal Guardian: Any person who can make legal decisions for a minor child. MORE

Legal Custody

Life Style / Adoption / Legal Custody: Restraint of or responsibility for a person according to law, such as a guardian's authority (conferred by the court) over the person or property (or both) of his ward. MORE