Business / Real Estate / Improvement: 1) Any structure, usually privately owned, erected on a site to enhance the value of the property--for example, building a fence or a driveway. 2) A publicly owned structure added to or benefiting land, such as a curb, sidewalk, street or sewer.

Other Words for Improvement

Improvement Verb Synonyms: betterment, amelioration, reform, rehabilitation, upgrading, enhancement, repair
Improvement Noun Synonyms: advance, change for the better

Performance Improvement Plan

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Improvement Plan: A plan implemented by a manager or supervisor that is designed to provide employees with constructive feedback, facilitate discussions between an employee and his or her supervisor regarding performan MORE

Offsite Improvements

Business / Real Estate / Offsite Improvements: Improvements made outside of a propertys boundaries, such as sidewalks and streets. MORE

Tenant Improvements

Business / Real Estate / Tenant Improvements: A commercial or an industrial property manager often is called on to make tenant improvements. These are alterations to the interior of the building to meet a tenants particular space needs. Such cons MORE

Price Improvement

Business / Taxes / Price Improvement: Price improvement occurs when you pay less or receive more on a securities transaction than the bid and offer prices being currently quoted. In other words, the price you pay to buy is lower than the MORE

Leasehold Improvement

Business / Finance / Leasehold Improvement: An improvement made to leased property. MORE

Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM)

Business / Real Estate / Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM): A loan secured by real property that is made to an owner for the specific purpose of making energy efficient improvements to a home or building. MORE