Inheritance Taxes

Business / Real Estate / Inheritance Taxes: An estate tax imposed by the state on heirs for their right to inherit property. The tax is not levied on the property itself, but rather on the heirs for their right to acquire the property by succession or devise. Therefore, the rates or the deductions may vary depending on the degree of the relationship.

Other Words for Inheritance

Inheritance Adjective Synonyms: patrimony, heritage, legacy, bequest, birthright, property

Estate Taxes

Business / Real Estate / Estate Taxes: Federal estate taxes and state inheritance taxes (as well as the debts of decedents) are general, statutory, involuntary liens that encumber a deceased persons real and personal property. These are no MORE

Local Taxes

Business / Finance / Local Taxes: Property, sewer, school, or other community paid to a locality. Local taxes are usually deductible for federal income tax purposes. MORE

Mendelian Inheritance

Science / Genetics / Mendelian Inheritance: One method in which genetic traits are passed from parents to offspring. Named for gregor mendel, who first studied and recognized the existence of genes and this method of inheritance. MORE