Business / Real Estate / Judgment: The formal decision of a court on the respective rights and claims of the parties to an action or suit. A judgement that has been entered and recorded with the county recorder usually becomes a general lien on the property of the defendant.

Other Words for Judgment

Judgment Verb Synonyms: judgment, discretion, discernment, discrimination, judiciousness, prudence, wisdom, wit, sagacity, perspicacity, clear-headedness, perception, perspicuousness, percipience, acumen, intelligence, (good) sense, common sense, level-headedness, understanding
Judgment Noun Synonyms: criticism, censure, disapproval, reproof, condemnation

Abstract Of Judgment

Business / Real Estate / Abstract Of Judgment: A full summary by the court of a judgment. It becomes a general lien on all of a debtors property in the county where it is recorded. MORE

Confession Of Judgment Clause

Business / Real Estate / Confession Of Judgment Clause: Permits judgment to be entered against a debtor without the creditors needing to institute legal proceedings. MORE

Deficiency Judgment

Business / Real Estate / Deficiency Judgment: A personal judgment levied against the borrower when a foreclosure sale does not produce sufficient funds to pay the mortgage debt in full. MORE

Judgment Lien

Business / Real Estate / Judgment Lien: A general lien on the property of a judgment debtor, giving the holder of the judgment a right to levy the property to satisfy the debt. MORE

Judgment Decree

Business / Real Estate / Judgment Decree: Specifiies the award made by the court in a civil case. MORE

Nonjudicial Foreclosure

Business / Real Estate / Nonjudicial Foreclosure: The process of selling real property under a power of sale in a mortgage or deed of trust that is in default. One disadvantage is that the lender cannot obtain a deficiency judgment. Also, some title MORE