Junction Box

Business / Real Estate / Junction Box: A rectangular metal or plastic box that provides a nexis (junction) for a homes electrical wiring system. Protects the wiring from the elements.

Other Words for Box

Box Verb Synonyms: crate, encase, package
Box Noun Synonyms: case, receptacle, crate, carton, container, casket, coffer, caddy, chest

Other Words for Junction

Junction Noun Synonyms: juncture, union, combination, joining, conjunction, meeting, linking, connection, conjoining, intersection, confluence, crossroads, interchange
Junction Adjective Synonyms: point, time, moment, stage, period

Mirror Box

Entertainment / Photography / Mirror Box: Is a box containing one or more mirrors, usually angled to the light beam, as in the main body of an slr camera. MORE

Matte Box

Entertainment / Photography / Matte Box: Is a mask used to make images suitable for wide-screen projection. MORE

Mucogingival Junction

Health / Dentistry / Mucogingival Junction: The scalloped linear area denoting the approximation or separation of the gingiva and the alveolar mucosa. MORE

Multiple Conjunction

Science / Astrology / Multiple Conjunction: A planetary arrangement in which three or more planets form a series of conjunctions that may extend from one sign into another. A member of a multiple conjunction is influenced by aspects to other me MORE


Science / Biology / Nondisjunction: The failure of chromosomes to separate properly during cell division. The unequal segregation of chromosomes during meiosis. This forms cells with either too many (possibly one or more single or sets MORE

Neuromuscular Junction

Science / Biology / Neuromuscular Junction: The point where a motor neuron attaches to a muscle cell. MORE