Business / Real Estate / Kickback: Payment made to someone for referral of a customer or business. Unlike a commission, a kickback is made without the customers knowledge, thus, the referral could have been made without the customers best interest at heart.

Other Words for Kickback

Kickback Noun Synonyms: rebate, refund, share, compensation, commission, percentage, reward, bribe, pay-off, payola, plugola

Sidewalls The Kickbacks

Entertainment / Bowling / Sidewalls The Kickbacks: Vertical division boards between the sides of the lanes at the pit end. On many hits the pins can bounce off the kickbacks and knock down more pins. Variations: Loose kickback means that there is not MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Kickbacks: The dividers between lanes; so called because pins often kick back off a divider to knock other pins downs. MORE

Sidewall (Kickbacks, Side Kick)

Entertainment / Bowling / Sidewall (Kickbacks, Side Kick): The high division boards between LANES at the pins end (partition between pindecks). MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Wall: (1) the sideboards/kickback (2) the crown of oil (3) a very easy shot MORE

Wall Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Wall Shot: A strike that is light in the pocket whereby pins are deflected into the kickbacks and return to the pin deck to knock down more pins. MORE

Tripped 4

Entertainment / Bowling / Tripped 4: Said of the 4-pin when it's knocked down by the 2-pin on a bounce off the kickback. MORE