Business / Real Estate / Leach: Water that collects contaminants as it trickles through wastes, pesticides, or fertilizers. Leaching may occur in farming areas, feedlots, and landfills, and may result in hazardous substances entering surface water, ground water, or soil.


Entertainment / Photography / Bleach-Out: Method of producing line drawings from photographic images. The photographic is processed in the normal way, its outlines sketched, and the black metallic silver image is then bleached away to leave a MORE


Business / Agriculture / Leaching: The process by which chemicals are dissolved and transported through the soil by percolating water. Pesticides and nutrients from fertilizers or manures may leach from fields, areas of spills, or feed MORE

Semantic Bleaching

Entertainment / Literature / Semantic Bleaching: The process by which a word loses all its original meaning--a phenomenon quite common in toponyms and personal names. For instance, few English speakers think of 'Red People' when they hear the topony MORE


Health / Dentistry / Bleaching: The technique of applying a chemical agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, to the teeth to whiten them. MORE

Silver Dye Bleach Material

Entertainment / Photography / Silver Dye Bleach Material: Integral tripack printing material. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Bleach: A dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite which kills bacteria and destroys colored organic materials by oxidizing them. MORE