Like Kind

Business / Real Estate / Like Kind: A term relating to the nature of a property rather than its quality or quantity. Only like kind properties qualify for a real estate exchange and the resulting tax benefit.

Other Words for Kind

Kind Adjective Synonyms: sort, type, variety, style, genre, species, class, breed, brand, make
Kind Noun Synonyms: friendly, kindly, nice, congenial, affable, approachable, amiable, obliging, accommodating, amicable, well-disposed, courteous, good, good-natured, benevolent, well-meaning, well-wishing, thoughtful, well-intentioned, generous, big-hearted, humanitarian

Other Words for Like

Like Adverb Synonyms: in the same way as, in the manner of, similarly to
Like Noun Synonyms: be fond of, approve of, appreciate, be partial to, have a fondness or liking for, have a weakness for, take to, delight in, take pleasure in, derive or get pleasure from, delight in, find agreeable or congenial, feel attracted to
Like Adjective Synonyms: similar to, identical to or with
Like Verb Synonyms: in the mood for, disposed to
Like Preposition Synonyms: such as, for example, for instance, e.g., that is (to say), i.e., in other words, namely, to wit, viz.

Payment-In-Kind (PIK) Bond

Business / Finance / Payment-In-Kind (PIK) Bond: A bond that gives the issuer an option (during an initial period) either to make coupon payments in cash or in the form of additional bonds. MORE

PIK (Payment-In-Kind) Securities

Business / Finance / PIK (Payment-In-Kind) Securities: Highly speculative bonds or preferred stock that pay interest or dividends through additional bonds or preferred stock. MORE

Spring-Like Effect

Entertainment / Golf / Spring-Like Effect: (also 'trampoline effect') the 'bouncing back' of a club's face contributing force to the shot, limited by the rules of golf (see also cor) MORE

Icy (Like Ice)

Entertainment / Bowling / Icy (Like Ice): Describes an oily/heavily conditioned lane where the ball skids a great if on ice! See also greasy and wet. MORE

Payment-In-Kind (PIK)

Business / Agriculture / Payment-In-Kind (PIK): In general, a payment made in the form of CCC-owned commodities (or title to them) in lieu of cash. This form of payment was widely used during the 1980s for paid diversion, deficiency payments, and e MORE

Mammal-Like Reptiles

Science / Biology / Mammal-Like Reptiles: Group of Permian-Triassic reptiles having some possible mammalian features, notably a more prominent dentary (tooth-bearing) bone and reduction of the incus and malleus (which are part of the reptilia MORE