Lis Pendens

Business / Real Estate / Lis Pendens: A recorded legal document that gives constructive notice that an action affecting a particular piece of property has been filed in a state or federal court. Lis pendens is Latin for action pending and is in the nature of a quasi lien. A person who subsequently acquires an interest in that property takes it subject to any judgment that may be entered, that is, a purchaser pending a lawsuit is bound by the result of the lawsuit.

New Realism

Entertainment / Photography / New Realism: Is an alternative name for new objectivity. MORE

New Listing

Business / Finance / New Listing: A security that has just been entered on a stock or bond exchange for trading. MORE

Nihilistic Delusion

Science / Psychiatry / Nihilistic Delusion: delusional belief that oneself, or others or the world does not exist or is about to cease to exist MORE