Listing Presentation Manual

Business / Real Estate / Listing Presentation Manual: Used by real estate brokerages to make presentations to listing prospects. A visual aid used in combination with a verbal presentation made by a real estate agent.

Other Words for Manual

Manual Noun Synonyms: handbook, vade-mecum, enchiridion, directions, instructions, guide

Other Words for Presentation

Presentation Adjective Synonyms: giving, bestowal, offering, proffering, presenting, award, awarding, conferral, conferring, delivery, donation
Presentation Noun Synonyms: debut, launch, introduction, unveiling, disclosure

Multiple Listing

Business / Finance / Multiple Listing: An agreement used by a broker who is a member of a multiple-listing organization, providing the exclusive right to sell, with the additional authority and obligation to distribute the listing to the o MORE

Multiple-Listing Clause

Business / Real Estate / Multiple-Listing Clause: A provision in an exclusive listing for the authority and obligation on the part of the listing broker to distribute the listing to other brokers in the multiple-listing organization. MORE

Multiple-Listing Service (MLS)

Business / Real Estate / Multiple-Listing Service (MLS): A marketing organization composed of member brokers who agree to share their listing agreements with one another in the hope of procuring ready, willing and able buyers for their properties more quick MORE

Mode Of Representation

Technology / Television (TV) / Mode Of Representation: Manner in which a nonnarrative television program depicts historical reality and addresses itself to the viewer about that version of reality: modes include expository, interactive, observational and MORE


Business / Real Estate / Misrepresentation: A false statement or concealment of a material fact made with the intention of inducing some action by another party. MORE

Manual Review

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Manual Review: All major search engines combine a manual review process with their automated relevancy algorithms to help catch search spam and train their relevancy algorithms. Abnormal usage data or link growth pa MORE