Master Deed

Business / Real Estate / Master Deed: The principal conveyance document used by the owners of land on which condominiums are located.

Other Words for Deed

Deed Noun Synonyms: act, action, performance

Other Words for Master

Master Adjective Synonyms: expert, authority, genius, craftsman, adept, maestro, mastermind, past master, old hand, virtuoso, ace, professional, pro, wizard, dab hand, crackerjack, maven or mavin
Master Noun Synonyms: teacher, tutor, instructor, guide, leader, guru, swami
Master Verb Synonyms: owner, head, chief, leader, chieftain, commander, lord, governor, director, controller, employer, manager, overseer, supervisor, superintendent, taskmaster, slave-driver, principal, sovereign, monarch, ruler, lord high muck-a-muck, Pooh-Bah, kingpin

Fictitious Deed Of Trust

Business / Real Estate / Fictitious Deed Of Trust: Comprehensive master deeds of trust are established by lenders to cover all areas of trust deed finance. MORE

Mortgage Deed

Business / Construction / Mortgage Deed: Legal document establishing a loan on property. MORE

Open-End Trust Deed

Business / Real Estate / Open-End Trust Deed: An expandable loan in which the borrower is given a limit up to which he or she may borrow, with each incremental advance to be secured by the same trust deed. MORE


Technology / Email / Postmaster: The person who manages mail servers at an organization. Usually the one to contact at a particular server/site to get help, information, or to log complaints. MORE

Masters Degree

Life Style / College / Masters Degree: A degree granted upon completion of a second level college or university degree program (after a bachelor's degree). MORE

Masters Cup

Entertainment / Tennis / Masters Cup: The year end tennis competition for the atp tour where the top 8 players compete. MORE