Business / Real Estate / Meridian: One of a set of imaginary lines running north and south used by surveyors for reference in locating and describing land under the government survey method of property description.

Time Meridian

Science / Tides and Currents / Time Meridian: A meridian used as a reference for time. MORE

Prime Meridian

Science / Astrology / Prime Meridian: The great circle that passes through Earth's poles and Greenwich, England (0° longitude), from which longitude is measured east and west. See also longitude, geographical or terrestrial. MORE

Qigong Meridian Therapy

Health / Massage / Qigong Meridian Therapy: Qigong Meridian Therapy (QMT) is a natural healing system. It is derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which originated several thousand years ago. QMT is based and focused on the concept of qi. MORE


Health / Acupuncture / Meridians: There are pathways in the body through which energy flows and Qi passes through. It is in these places that acupuncture points are found. The meridian has several systems and each is named based on th MORE

Principal Meridian

Business / Real Estate / Principal Meridian: The main imaginary line running north and south and crossing a base line at a definite point, used by surveyors for reference in location and describing land under the rectangular (government) survey MORE

acupuncture meridians

Health / Tai Chi / acupuncture meridians: Channels of energy circulating through the body, many of which are connecting to the functioning of organ systems. MORE