Business / Real Estate / Mitigation: Measures taken to reduce adverse impacts on the environment. To make less severe, as in the mitigation of enviromental hazards.

Mitigation Bank

Business / Agriculture / Mitigation Bank: A bank is created when wetlands at a site are restored, enhanced or created in advance of destruction of similar wetlands in nearby locations. The bank then sells 'credits' in the bank to permit appli MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Stickiness: A measure used to gauge the effectiveness of a site in retaining individual users. The term is typically used in promotional material when traffic numbers are too low to be effective in lauding a site MORE


Business / Construction / Radon: A naturally-occurring, heavier than air, radioactive gas common in many parts of the country. Radon gas exposure is associated with lung cancer. Mitigation measures may involve crawl space and baseme MORE

Animal Drugs

Business / Agriculture / Animal Drugs: Drugs intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in animals. The Food and Drug Administration has the broad mandate under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmet MORE