Mobile-Home Park

Business / Real Estate / Mobile-Home Park: An area zoned and set up to accommodate mobile homes by providing water hookups and sewage disposal for each home. The mobile-home park contains all utilities, streets, parking and amenities. Mobile-home parks are also called trailer parks.

Other Words for Park

Park Noun Synonyms: garden, green(s), common(s), preserve, reserve, greensward, parkland, woodland, estate, reservation


Business / Real Estate / Mobile-Home: Prefabricated trailer-type housing units that are semipermanently attached to land, which is either the owners fee land or a leasehold, such as in a mobile-home park. Mobile homes are usually affixed MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Parkinsonism: (par-kin-son-izm) A group of symptoms including loss of movement, a lack of facial expression, stiff gait when walking, tremor, or stooped posture. These symptoms are sometimes side-effects of older t MORE

Parkinsons Disease

Science / Psychiatry / Parkinsons Disease: A disease mostly affecting middle-aged and elderly people characterized by tremors and rigid, slow movement. MORE

Sparkling Wine

Life Style / Wine / Sparkling Wine: Effervescent wine containing significant levels of carbon dioxide. MORE

Parking Violation

Business / Finance / Parking Violation: Often used in risk arbitrage. Illegal holding of stock by a third party, or the financing of such a stock, in which the third party's sole reason for holding the stock is to conceal ownership or contr MORE


Life Style / Wine / Sparkling: Wines with bubbles created by trapped carbon dioxide gas, either natural or injected. MORE