Modular Housing

Business / Real Estate / Modular Housing: A relatively recent concept in home construction, aimed at producing housing more economically and faster through prefabricating processes, also called prefabricated housing. Modular methods expedite construction because the house itself can be built in the factory while the building site is being prepared, thus potentially eliminating costly delays. Some courts have held that the sale of an unattached modular home is the sale of personal property, and thus no written listing or real estate license is required to earn a commission.

Other Words for Housing

Housing Verb Synonyms: homes, houses, lodging(s), quarters, accommodation, habitation, dwelling, shelter, protection

Modular Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Modular Enlarger: Is an enlarger with interchangeable filtration heads and illuminations systems. MORE

Modular Helmet

Technology / Motorcycle / Modular Helmet: Similar to a full face helmet, however the chin area can be pivoted up and out of the way, when a rider is stopped, for ease of communication and/or consuming food or beverages. See Modular Helmets. MORE

Modular Decomposition

Technology / Programming / Modular Decomposition: The design that results from stepwise refinement, since your design has been 'decomposed' into modules MORE