Month-To-Month Tenancy

Business / Real Estate / Month-To-Month Tenancy: A periodic tenancy under which the tenant rents for one month at a time. In the absence of a rental agreement (oral or written) a tenancy is generally considered to be month to month.

Other Words for Tenancy

Tenancy Adjective Synonyms: occupancy, occupation, possession, tenure

Tenancy At Will

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy At Will: A tenancy (or estate) in which a person holds or occupies real estate with the permission of the owner, for a term of unspecified or uncertain duration: i.e., there is no fixed term to the tenancy. MORE

Tenancy At Sufferance

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy At Sufferance: A tenancy (or estate) in which a person wrongfully holds or occupies a property after the expiration of a lease without the consent of the landlord. No notice of termination is required for the landlo MORE

Tenancy By The Entirety

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy By The Entirety: Some states allow husbands and wives to use a special form of co-ownership called tenancy by the entirety. In this form of ownership, each spouse has an equal, undivided interest in the property. (The MORE

Tenancy For Years

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy For Years: A tenancy for a definite period of time. The tenant must vacate the property at the end of the lease unless an extension or new lease has been agreed upon. MORE


Business / Taxes / Tenancy-In-Common: When two or more people own property as tenants-in-common (TIC), they share in the property’s tax benefits, any income it generates, and its growth in value, as well as expenses of ownership. If one MORE

Tenancy In Severalty

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy In Severalty: Ownership of a property by one person, rather than held jointly with others. Also called sole tenancy. MORE