No Loan, No Commission

Business / Real Estate / No Loan, No Commission: A listing agreement requiring that escrow be closed and title transferred before an agent is entitled to a commission.

Norman Invasion

Entertainment / Literature / Norman Invasion: Not to be confused with D-Day during World War II, medieval historians use this title for a much earlier invasion in 1066. Duke William of Normandy's conquest of England from 1066-1087 had profound im MORE

Norman Conquest

Entertainment / Literature / Norman Conquest: Loosely, another term for the Norman Invasion, though technically some historians prefer to differentiate between the 'Norman Invasion' and the 'Norman Conquest' by limiting the scope of the invasion MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Norman: An inhabitant of Normandy, a region along the northern coast of France. The word Norman comes from a cognate for 'northmen,' for the Norman aristocracy of the region originally descended from Danish ( MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Normandy: The region along the northern coast of France. See Norman for more information. MORE

Normative Forecasting

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Normative Forecasting: A method of projecting future needs in order to determine what developments will be required to meet those needs. MORE

North American Cellular Network (NACN)

Technology / Cell Phones / North American Cellular Network (NACN): An organization of cellular providers that facilitates cellular calls across the country to be linked for seamless roaming. MORE