Business / Real Estate / Nuisance: That which annoys and disturbs one in possession of his or her property, rendering its ordinary use physically uncomfortable.

Other Words for Nuisance

Nuisance Noun Synonyms: bore, pest, nag, tease, tormentor or tormenter
Nuisance Verb Synonyms: annoyance, inconvenience, trial, ordeal, burden, irritation, irritant, thorn in the flesh or side, difficulty, bother, bur under the saddle, pain (in the neck or rear), headache, hassle, pain in the butt

Right-To-Farm Laws (Nuisance)

Business / Agriculture / Right-To-Farm Laws (Nuisance): Right to farm laws deny nuisance suits against farmers who use accepted and standard farming practices, even if these practices harm or bother adjacent property owners or the general public. Agricultu MORE

Nuisance Bloom

Science / Marine Biology / Nuisance Bloom: A rapid increase of one or only a few species of phytoplankton, resulting in densities high enough to cause discoloration of the surface water, possible increase of toxins, and degradation of water qu MORE

Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

Business / Real Estate / Attractive Nuisance Doctrine: An owner has a duty to reasonably protect children from injury when his or her property is likely to attract children. MORE

Invasive Species

Business / Agriculture / Invasive Species: Alien (non-native) species of plants, animals, and pests whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. Executive Order 13112, issued February MORE

Takings (Of Property)

Business / Agriculture / Takings (Of Property): The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, and comparable provisions in state constitutions, bar the 'taking' of private property by government unless just compensation is paid to the property owner. In MORE


Business / Real Estate / Abatement: A reduction, decrease, or the removal of a nuisance. MORE