Obligatory Advance

Business / Real Estate / Obligatory Advance: Any advance which, under the terms of the credit line deed of trust or other agreement, the secured party has legally obligated itself to make in the absence of a default, breach, or other such event. Obligatory advances include, but are not limited to, advances which the secured party has agreed to make as a term or condition of the credit line deed of trust or other related agreement, obligations arising out of the occurrence of a condition, event or circumstance contemplated by the agreement, obligations arising on a specified date or time, or advances made upon application therefor by the grantor under the credit line deed of trust or by another obligor whose indebtedness is secured by the deed of trust.

Other Words for Advance

Advance Verb Synonyms: move or put or push or go forward, approach
Advance Noun Synonyms: progress, development, progress, forward movement, improvement, betterment, headway

Other Words for Obligatory

Obligatory Noun Synonyms: required, demanded, necessary, requisite, compulsory, mandatory, incumbent, indispensable, essential

Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA)

Business / Internet Marketing / Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA): The U.S. Department of Defense agency that, in conjunction with leading universities, created arpanet, the precursor of the Internet. MORE

Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA)

Technology / Computers / Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA): This is a disk drive implementation developed by the Small Form Factor (SFF) Committee that integrates the controller on the disk drive itself. There are many versions of ATA, which include ATA: Also MORE

Advanced Pronunciation

Entertainment / Literature / Advanced Pronunciation: In linguistics, John Algeo defines this as an early instance of a historical sound change in progress (311). This is the opposite of a retarded pronunciation, in which an older pronunciation lingers i MORE