One Stop Shopping

Business / Real Estate / One Stop Shopping: An arrangement where settlement and service providers are all available through the broker.

Other Words for One

One Noun Synonyms: unified, united, inseparable, joined, undivided, one and the same, identical, equal, at one, harmonious, in unison, whole, entire, complete
One Adjective Synonyms: single, lone, solitary, individual, sole, only

Other Words for Stop

Stop Verb Synonyms: peter out, be over, end
Stop Noun Synonyms: pause, break, take a break, interrupt, tarry, sojourn, rest, stay, put up, lodge, visit, stop off or in or over, pull over, pull up
Stop Adjective Synonyms: discontinue, halt, terminate, cease, break off, end, put an end or a stop to, bring to a stop or a halt or an end or a close, give up, quit, leave off, finish, conclude, desist, refrain, abandon, draw to a close, be over, come to a stop or a

Photic Zone

Science / Biology / Photic Zone: The layer of the ocean that is penetrated by sunlight; extends to a depth of about 200 meters. MORE

Pioneer Community

Science / Biology / Pioneer Community: The initial community of colonizing species. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Phonetics: The study of phonemes, or units of sound in spoken language. MORE

Phonetic Transcription

Entertainment / Literature / Phonetic Transcription: Written symbols that linguists use to represent speech sounds. One common transcription system is the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). To see samples in PDF format, you can download IPA vowels a MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Phoneme: The smallest sound or part of a spoken word that serves as a building block in a larger syllable or word, and which cannot be broken down further into smaller constitutive sounds. Phonetic transcripti MORE

Phonemic Alphabet

Life Style / Poetry / Phonemic Alphabet: The twelve vowel sounds and twenty-two consonant sounds that make up spoken english, normally encoded between virgules / /. MORE