Business / Real Estate / Ordinance: A military weapon or item of destruction (e.g. bullets).

Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance

Business / Agriculture / Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance: Minimum standards and requirements for Grade A milk production and processing are outlined in the Grade A Pasturized Milk Ordinance (PMO) published by the Food and Drug Administration. Grade A standar MORE

Subdivision And Development Ordinances

Business / Real Estate / Subdivision And Development Ordinances: Municipal ordinances that establish requirements for subdivisions and development. MORE

Military Ordinance Location

Business / Real Estate / Military Ordinance Location: Certain military bases contain live ammunition for various reasons. A seller of residential property located within one mile of such a hazard must give the buyer written notice as soon as practicable MORE

Censorship Ordinance Of 1559

Entertainment / Literature / Censorship Ordinance Of 1559: This law under Queen Elizabeth required the political censorship of public plays and all printed materials in matters of religion and the government. The Master of Revels was appointed to monitor and MORE

Zoning Ordinance

Business / Real Estate / Zoning Ordinance: An exercise of police power by a municipality to regulate and control the character and use of property. MORE

Density Zoning

Business / Real Estate / Density Zoning: Zoning ordinances that restrict the maximum average number of houses per acre that may be built within a particular area, generally a subdivision. MORE