Business / Real Estate / Owner-Occupied: A property where the owner physically occupies the property.

Single-Family, Owner-Occupied Dwellings

Business / Real Estate / Single-Family, Owner-Occupied Dwellings: A dwelling which will be owned and occupied by a signatory to the mortgage or deed of trust secured by such dwelling within 90 days of the execution of the mortgage or deed of trust. MORE

Unruh Civil Rights Act

Business / Real Estate / Unruh Civil Rights Act: Forbids discrimination as to sex, race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin in accommodations and business establishments. Under this law there can be no arbitrary eviction, rent increase or MORE

Mrs. Murphys Exemption

Business / Real Estate / Mrs. Murphys Exemption: The common description of the exemption that applies to an owner-occupied building with four or fewer units. MORE