Business / Real Estate / Pass-Throughs: Payments on securities sold in the secondary market that are sent directly to investors.

Private-Label Pass-Throughs

Business / Finance / Private-Label Pass-Throughs: Related: Conventional pass-throughs. MORE

Modified Pass-Throughs

Business / Finance / Modified Pass-Throughs: Agency pass-throughs that guarantee (1) timely interest payments and (2) principal payments as collected, but no later than a specified time after they are due. Related: Fully modified pass-throughs. MORE

Conventional Pass-Throughs

Business / Finance / Conventional Pass-Throughs: An option contract arranged off the trading floor and not traded regularly. MORE

Fully Modified Pass-Throughs

Business / Finance / Fully Modified Pass-Throughs: Used to describe an investor whose assets are totally committed to investments, typically stock. MORE

Agency Pass-Throughs

Business / Finance / Agency Pass-Throughs: Mortgage pass-through securities whose principal and interest payments are guaranteed by government agencies, such as the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), Federal Home Loan Mortg MORE

Fully Valued

Business / Finance / Fully Valued: Agency pass-throughs that guarantee the timely payment of both interest and principal. Related: Modified pass-throughs. MORE