Plat Map

Business / Real Estate / Plat Map: A map of a town, section or subdivision indicating the location and boundaries of individual properties.


Entertainment / Photography / Plates: Early photographic glass plates coated with emulsion. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Platform: Same as approach (1). MORE


Science / Biology / Platelets: In vertebrates, cell fragments that bud off from the megakaryocytes in the bone marrow; carry chemicals needed for blood clotting. Cell fragment functioning in blood clotting. MORE

Plateau Basalt

Science / Geology / Plateau Basalt: A sequence of parallel to subparallel basalt flows that were formed during a geologically brief interval of time and which covered an extensive geographic area. Thought to have formed from simultaneou MORE

Plate Tectonics

Science / Biology / Plate Tectonics: The movement of the plates that make up the surface of the Earth. The revolutionary paradigm in geology that the earths crust is composed of rigid segments (plates) in constant (although considered sl MORE

Platform Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Platform Game: A game that requires you to jump on platforms of various sizes. These games also typically involve collecting items and jumping on enemies. Examples include Super Mario Bros (NES) and Sonic the Hedgeh MORE