Primary Personal Residence

Business / Real Estate / Primary Personal Residence: The dwelling in which a taxpayer lives and occupies most of the time.

Other Words for Personal

Personal Noun Synonyms: individual, physical, bodily, actual, live, in person, in the flesh
Personal Adjective Synonyms: intimate, close, dear, bosom, familiar, special

Other Words for Primary

Primary Adverb Synonyms: first, prime, principal, chief, main, leading, pre-eminent, cardinal, fundamental, basic, essential, predominant, elementary, elemental, underlying
Primary Adjective Synonyms: firsthand, direct, immediate

Other Words for Residence

Residence Adjective Synonyms: mansion, villa, manor (house), stately home, estate, chƒteau, castle, palace, hall
Residence Noun Synonyms: abode, home, domicile, dwelling, dwelling-place, place, house, habitation, (living) quarters

Primary Drive

Technology / Motorcycle / Primary Drive: The system of transferring power from the motorcycle engine to the gearbox. Usually achieved by chain or gear. MORE

Primary Distribution

Business / Finance / Primary Distribution: Sale of a new issue of stock or bonds, as distinguished from a secondary distribution. MORE

Primary Directions

Science / Astrology / Primary Directions: Originally, a mathematically complicated system of progressing a horoscope based upon the diurnal rotation of the Earth. The term is now loosely applied to any method of advancing house cusps, but usu MORE

Primary Delusion

Science / Psychiatry / Primary Delusion: delusion arriving fully formed without any discernable connection with previous events MORE

Primary Earnings Per (Common) Share

Business / Finance / Primary Earnings Per (Common) Share: Earnings available for the payment of dividends to common stockholders divided by the number of common shares outstanding. MORE

Primary Financial Statements

Business / Accounting / Primary Financial Statements: The balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows, used by external groups to assess a company's economic standing. MORE