Business / Real Estate / Priority: The order of position, time or place. The priority of liens is generally determined by the chronological order in which the lien documents are recorded, tax liens, however, have priority even over previously recorded liens. Thus the old adage prior in time is prior in right is applicable.

Other Words for Priority

Priority Adjective Synonyms: precedence, precedency, primacy, urgency, immediacy, predominance, pre-eminence, preference, rank, superiority, prerogative, right, seniority, importance, weight, immediacy

Shutter Priority Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / Shutter Priority Mode: Shutter Priority mode can be found in most dSLRs and SLR-like cameras and some compact Digital Cameras. When using the Shutter Priority mode, the camera allows manual setting of the shutter speed and MORE

Priority Modes

Technology / Digital Cameras / Priority Modes: Aperture and shutter speed priority modes are a shortcut to easy exposure adjustment. To set exposure manually, you would need to adjust aperture and shutter speed settings separately. With priority m MORE

Priority Dates

Life Style / College / Priority Dates: Priority Dates are the dates by which you need to have your file completed in order to get financial aid before the fee-payment deadline. MORE

Aperture Priority Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / Aperture Priority Mode: The Aperture Priority mode can be found in most DSLR and SLR-like cameras and even some compact Digital Camera models. When using the Aperture Priority mode, the camera allows manual setting of the ap MORE

Aperture Priority Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Aperture Priority Camera: Semi-automatic camera on which the photographer sets the aperture and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed. MORE

Absolute Priority

Business / Finance / Absolute Priority: Rule in bankruptcy proceedings requiring senior creditors to be paid in full before junior creditors receive any payment. MORE