Business / Real Estate / Progression: An appraisal principle that states that, between dissimilar properties, the value of the lesser-quality property is favorably affected by the presence of the better-quality property.

Other Words for Progression

Progression Verb Synonyms: progress, development, advance, advancement, spread, spreading, extension, extending, broadening, enlargement, headway, intensification, rise
Progression Noun Synonyms: movement forward or forward movement, advance, advancement, (making or gaining) headway, progress, ascension, rise, elevation

Secondary Progressions, Secondary Directions

Science / Astrology / Secondary Progressions, Secondary Directions: The method of progressing a natal horoscope in which each day after birth is equated to a corresponding number of years after birth; commonly referred to as 'day for a year' progressions. MORE

Secondary Progressions

Science / Astrology / Secondary Progressions: See 'Progressions.' MORE

Chord Progression

Entertainment / Music / Chord Progression: A string of chords played in succession. MORE

Face Progression

Entertainment / Golf / Face Progression: The distance from the center of the shaft or hosel to the blade, or leading edge, of the club face MORE


Science / Astrology / Progressions: The general term applied to any method of advancing the planets and house cusps of a natal horoscope to a particular time after birth. MORE

Line Of Progression

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Line Of Progression: A series of related jobs in a promotional sequence generally starting with less difficult, lower-paying jobs and progressing to more difficult, higher-paying jobs. Often, the lower jobs provide requir MORE