Pur Antre Vie

Business / Real Estate / Pur Antre Vie: For the life of another. A life estate pur autre vie is a life estate that is measured by the life of a person other than the grantee.

Other Words for Vie

Vie Verb Synonyms: compete, contend, struggle, strive

Pure Word Deafness

Science / Psychiatry / Pure Word Deafness: words that are heard cannot be comprehended MORE

Pure Substance

Science / Chemistry / Pure Substance: A sample of matter that cannot be separated into simpler components without chemical change. Physical changes can alter the state of matter but not the chemical identity of a pure substance. Pure subs MORE

Pure Yield Pickup Swap

Business / Finance / Pure Yield Pickup Swap: Moving to higher yield-bonds. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Purgatory: Donald Logan writes: It would be nearly impossible to exaggerate the significance of purgatory in the life of the medieval church, especially in the way that life was lived by individual Christians. T MORE


Technology / Email / Purge: Purging email is when the messages you have marked for removal by the delete command are erased from the server or your local computer drive. Once email is purged it cannot be recovered. Be sure you h MORE

Pure Poetry

Life Style / Poetry / Pure Poetry: Verse that aims to delight rather than to instruct the reader. MORE