Business / Real Estate / Ratification: Method of creating an agency relationship in which the principal accepts the conduct of someone who acted without prior authorization as the principals agent.


Science / Biology / Stratification: The division of water in lakes and ponds into layers with different temperatures and oxygen content. Oxygen content declines with depth, while the uppermost layer is warmest in summer and coolest in w MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Uses-And-Gratifications: A research method that sees the viewer as an active user, and attempts to chart the way that viewers employ television: this method quantifies how television fulfills viewers' emotional or intellectua MORE


Science / Weather / Baroclinity: The state of stratification in a fluid in which surfaces of constant pressure intersect surfaces of constant density. Also known as baroclinicity. An example is the tight temperature gradient along th MORE

Stagnation Area

Science / Weather / Stagnation Area: An area that has a combination of stable stratification, weak horizontal wind speed, and little, if any, significant precipitation. It is usually associated with an area of high pressure. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Autoeroticism: Sensual self-gratification. Characteristic of, but not limited to, an early stage of emotional development. Includes satisfactions derived from genital play, masturbation, fantasy, and oral, anal, and MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Masochism: Pleasure derived from physical or psychological pain inflicted on oneself either by oneself or by others. It is called sexual masochism and classified as a paraphilia when it is consciously sought as MORE