Ready, Willing And Able Buyer

Business / Real Estate / Ready, Willing And Able Buyer: One who is prepared to buy property on the sellers terms and is ready to take positive steps to consummate the transaction.

Other Words for Able

Able Adjective Synonyms: capable, qualified, competent, proficient

Other Words for Buyer

Buyer Noun Synonyms: customer, consumer, client, purchaser

Other Words for Willing

Willing Noun Synonyms: agreeable, acquiescent, compliant, amenable, consenting, assenting, passive, complaisant, docile, ready, well-disposed, happy, content, pleased, delighted, enthusiastic, avid, eager, zealous, game

Prostate Gland

Science / Biology / Prostate Gland: A gland that is located near and empties into the urethra; produces a secretion that enhances sperm viability. Gland involved in the reproductive system in males, the prostate secretes a sperm activat MORE


Science / Biology / Prostaglandins: A class of fatty acids that has many of the properties of hormones; synthesized and secreted by many body tissues and have a variety of effects on nearby cells. MORE


Health / Vitamins / Prostaglandin: A hormone-like compound with many affects including effects on the secretion of hormones and enzymes, inflammatory response, blood pressure and blood clotting. MORE

Public Lands

Business / Agriculture / Public Lands: As defined in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, public lands are any land and interest in land outside of Alaska owned by the United States and administered by the Secretary of the Interior MORE

Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA)

Business / Agriculture / Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA): P.L. 95-514 (October 25, 1978) defines the current grazing fee formula and establishes rangeland monitoring and inventory procedures for Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service rangelands. The Na MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Punch-And-Judy: Said of a hitter who tends to hit well-placed but weakly-hit balls for singles. The first reference was made by former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Walter Alston when asked about a home run by Willie m MORE