Business / Real Estate / Recording: The act of entering into the book of public records the written instruments affecting the title to real property, such as deeds, mortgages, contracts for sale, options and assignments. There is also a body of public records apart from the real estate recording system that has a bearing on the quality of title. A title searcher would also check, for example, public records regarding probate, marriage, taxes and judgements.

Recording fee

Business / Construction / Recording fee : A charge for recording the transfer of a property, paid to a city, county, or other appropriate branch of government. MORE

Multi-Track Recording

Technology / Television (TV) / Multi-Track Recording: In the sound editing process, recordings are digitally or electronically divided into four (or many more) separate tracks. On each is a sound category (dialogue, music, effects) separated form the oth MORE

Ultrasonic Image Recording

Entertainment / Photography / Ultrasonic Image Recording: Image formation by measurement of ultrasound echoes translated electronically into a scanned visual image on a tv display. Also known as sonography. MORE