Red Flag

Business / Real Estate / Red Flag: A visual sign or indication of a defect. Something that warns a reasonably observant person of a potential problem, thus requiring further investigation. A broker who spots uneven floors or water-stained ceilings is on notice to inquire about soil settlement and roof leakage problems.

Other Words for Flag

Flag Adjective Synonyms: banner, ensign, standard, pennant, banneret, pennon, streamer, bunting, jack, gonfalon, vexillum
Flag Verb Synonyms: droop, sag, dangle, hang down, swag, festoon
Flag Noun Synonyms: mark, tag, label, tab, identify, tick (off), check (off)

Racing Flags

Technology / Motorcycle / Racing Flags: Checkered Flag – First across wins: race over, Black Flag – Rider disqualified or problem with motorcycle, Green Flag – Race start signal, race in progress when all is "go", Red Flag – Race st MORE

Red Light

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Red Light: A light behind the goal cage, next to the green light, that is turned on by the goal judge to indicate that a goal has been scored. MORE

Red Herring

Business / Finance / Red Herring: A preliminary prospectus providing information required by the SEC. It excludes the offering price and the coupon of the new issue. MORE

Red Green Blue (RGB)

Technology / Digital Cameras / Red Green Blue (RGB): The three colors to which the human visual system, digital cameras and many other devices are sensitive. MORE

Red Eye

Entertainment / Photography / Red Eye: Effect encountered when light from a flash unit travels parallel to the lens axis during exposure. MORE

Red Flag

Entertainment / Football / Red Flag: A weighted red marker thrown onto the field by a coach to tell the officials that he wants a certain play reviewed. Sometimes referred to as 'challenge flag.' MORE