Business / Real Estate / Remainder: The right of future possession and use that goes to someone other than the grantor upon termination of a life estate.

Other Words for Remainder

Remainder Verb Synonyms: rest, balance, remains, residue

Remainder Interest

Business / Real Estate / Remainder Interest: The remnant of an estate that has been conveyed to take effect and be enjoyed after the termination of a prior estate, such as when an owner conveys a life estate to one party and the remainder to ano MORE

Remainder Estate

Business / Real Estate / Remainder Estate: A future interest in real estate created at the time and by the same instrument of the original estate, but limited its immediate authority upon the termination of the prior estate. For example, Hoe P MORE

Charitable Remainder Trust

Business / Finance / Charitable Remainder Trust: The market model applied to a single security; a regression of security returns on the benchmark return. The slope of the regression line is a security's beta. MORE

Spousal Remainder Trust

Business / Finance / Spousal Remainder Trust: An individual retirement account in the name of an unemployed spouse. MORE


Business / Finance / Remainderman: One who receives the principal of a trust when it is dissolved. MORE

Part Winding Start Motor

Technology / Motors / Part Winding Start Motor: Is arranged for starting by first energizing part of the primary winding and subsequently energizing the remainder of this winding in one or more steps. The purpose is to reduce the initial value of t MORE