Rent Up

Business / Real Estate / Rent Up: A requirement of a lender that a developer lease a stated amount of space in a building as a prerequisite to a permanent lender taking out the interim lender.

Other Words for Rent

Rent Verb Synonyms: let (out), lease, hire (out), charter (out), farm out
Rent Adjective Synonyms: tear, rip, split, gash, slash, hole, slit
Rent Noun Synonyms: rental, hire, lease, fee

Rupture Strength

Science / Geology / Rupture Strength: The greatest stress that a material can sustain without fracturing at one atmosphere pressure. MORE


Health / First Aid / Rupture: Tearing apart of a tissue. MORE

Rural Rental Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Rural Rental Assistance: Section 521 rental assistance available through the Rural Housing Service reduces out-of-pocket cash that very-low-income and low-income families pay for rent, including utilities. MORE

Ryder Cup

Entertainment / Golf / Ryder Cup: Professional team matches between europe and the u.s. that are played every second year, the venues alternating between europe and the u.s., begun in the 1920's and named after the trophy/cup's donato MORE

Scribal Corruption

Entertainment / Literature / Scribal Corruption: A general term referring to errors in a text made by later scribes rather than the original authors. In many cases, these mistakes are obviously the result of human error while copying, such as accide MORE

Running Up The Score

Entertainment / Football / Running Up The Score: A generally discouraged practice in which a team, despite leading by several touchdowns (to the point that it is obvious that the team is going to win), continues to score as many points as possible i MORE