Business / Real Estate / Salesperson: A person employed directly or indirectly by a licensed real estate broker to perform various tasks and responsibilities. These may include selling and/or buying real estate, negotiating purchase, sale or exchange of real estate, negotiating leases, rents and/or improvements.

Other Words for Salesperson

Salesperson Noun Synonyms: salesman, saleswoman, saleslady, salesgirl, sales-clerk, clerk, shop-girl, shop assistant, counter-jumper

Outside Salesperson

Life Style / Travel / Outside Salesperson: Job description of an travel agency employee who sells travel but is not based primarily in the agency location most of the time. MORE

In-House Sale

Business / Real Estate / In-House Sale: A sale in which the listing broker is the only broker in the transaction, there is no outside broker involved as in a cooperative sale. Either the listing salesperson finds the buyer, or another sales MORE

Mentor Program

Business / Real Estate / Mentor Program: A training program in a real estate office wherein newly-hired agents assist successful, knowledgeable salespersons for a period of time. MORE

Associate Broker

Business / Real Estate / Associate Broker: A real estate license classification used in some states to describe a person who has qualified as a real estate broker but still works for and is supervised by another broker, also called a broker-sa MORE

Buyers Agent

Business / Real Estate / Buyers Agent: A residential real estate broker or salesperson who represents the prospective purchaser in a transaction. The buyers agent owes the buyer/principal the common-law or statutory agency duties. MORE

Trust Funds

Business / Real Estate / Trust Funds: Money or other things of value that are received by a broker or salesperson on behalf of a principal or any other person, and which are held for the benefit of others in the performance of any act(s) MORE