Satisfaction Of Mortgage

Business / Real Estate / Satisfaction Of Mortgage: When all mortgage loan payments have been made and the note has been paid in full, a satisfaction of mortgage (also known as a release of mortgage or mortgage discharge) returns to the mortgagor all interest in the real estate, which was conveyed to the mortgagee by the original recorded mortgage document.

Other Words for Satisfaction

Satisfaction Adjective Synonyms: payment, requital, repayment, compensation, recompense, remuneration, reparation, indemnity, indemnification, restitution, vindication, damages, amends, redress, atonement, expiation
Satisfaction Noun Synonyms: gratification, comfort, fulfilment, contentment, delight, joy, enjoyment, pleasure, happiness

Periods Of English Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Periods Of English Literature: The common historical eras scholars use to divide literature into comprehensible sections through periodization. Dividing literature into these sometimes arbitrary periods allows us to better compare MORE

Period Of Digestion

Business / Finance / Period Of Digestion: The time period of often high volatility after a new issue is released when the trading price of the security is established by the market. MORE

Perfect Market View (Of Dividend Policy)

Business / Finance / Perfect Market View (Of Dividend Policy): Analysis of a decision on dividend policy, in a perfect capital market environment, that shows the irrelevance of dividend policy. MORE