Sheriffs Deed

Business / Real Estate / Sheriffs Deed: The deed given after a sheriffs sale.

Other Words for Deed

Deed Noun Synonyms: act, action, performance

Deed Executed Pursuant To Court Order

Business / Real Estate / Deed Executed Pursuant To Court Order: Executors and administrator deeds, masters deeds, sheriffs deeds and many other types are all deeds executed pursuant to a court order. These deeds are established by state. MORE

Quitclaim Deed

Business / Real Estate / Quitclaim Deed: A conveyance by which the grantor transfers whatever interest he or she has in the real estate, without warranties or obligations. MORE

Release Deed

Business / Real Estate / Release Deed: A document, also known as a deed of reconveyance, that transfers all rights given a trustee under a deed of trust loan back to the grantor after the loan has been fully repaid. MORE

Reconveyance Deed

Business / Real Estate / Reconveyance Deed: A deed used by a trustee under a deed of trust to return title to the truster. MORE

Open-End Trust Deed

Business / Real Estate / Open-End Trust Deed: An expandable loan in which the borrower is given a limit up to which he or she may borrow, with each incremental advance to be secured by the same trust deed. MORE

Master Deed

Business / Real Estate / Master Deed: The principal conveyance document used by the owners of land on which condominiums are located. MORE