Shower Pan

Business / Real Estate / Shower Pan: A waterproof pan placed beneath the floor tiles or concrete base of a shower that prevents leaking.

Other Words for Pan

Pan Noun Synonyms: face, visage, mien, facade, kisser, mug, puss
Pan Verb Synonyms: saucepan, frying-pan, skillet, pot, casserole, spider

Other Words for Shower

Shower Noun Synonyms: sprinkle, sprinkling, drizzle


Entertainment / Photography / Panorama: Picture presenting a continuous view of the landscape, produced either by using a panoramic camera or from a composite of several images. MORE

Panorama Shooting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Panorama Shooting: Photographing several overlapping images in succession that can be joined in the computer using software. MORE

Panoramic Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Panoramic Camera: Camera with a special type of scanning lens which rotates on its rear nodal point and produces an image of the scanned area on a curved plate or film. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Panorex: An extraoral full-mouth X-ray that records the teeth and the upper and lower jaws on one film. MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Panning: A photography technique in which the camera follows a moving subject. Done correctly, the subject is sharp and clear, while the background is blurred, giving a sense of motion to the photo. MORE

Panic Buying Or Selling

Business / Finance / Panic Buying Or Selling: Rapid trading of stocks or bonds in high volume in anticipation of sharply rising or falling prices, usually after unexpected news is released. MORE