Business / Real Estate / Slab: A flat piece of concrete, typically used as a walking surface, but may also serve as a load bearing device as in slab homes.

Other Words for Slab

Slab Verb Synonyms: slice, wedge, piece, hunk, chunk, tranche, wodge

Slab On Grade

Business / Construction / Slab On Grade: A type of foundation with a concrete floor which is placed directly on the soil. The edge of the slab is usually thicker and acts as the footing for the walls. MORE

Slab, Concrete

Business / Construction / Slab, Concrete: Concrete pavement, i.e. Driveways, garages, and basement floors. MORE

Slabbing Cutter

Business / Machine Shop / Slabbing Cutter: A wide, plain milling cutter having helical teeth. Used for producing large, flat surfaces. MORE

Slab, Door

Business / Construction / Slab, Door: A rectangular door without hinges or frame. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Brush-Out: A technique sometimes used to influence a large sale that consists of brushing out a sample of paint onto a slab of wood or other material so the customer can see how the finished job will look. MORE


Science / Geology / Nappe: A large slab of earth's surface that has been moved in a horizontal or near horizontal direction over a plane of separation. This motion can be produced by faulting or sliding. The term is generally u MORE