Statutory Redemption

Business / Real Estate / Statutory Redemption: The right of a defaulted property owner to recover the property after its sale by paying the appropriate fees and charges.

Redemption Period

Business / Real Estate / Redemption Period: A period of time established by state law during which a property owner has a right to redeem real estate after a foreclosure or tax sale by paying the sales price, interest and costs. Note that many MORE

Statutory Law

Business / Real Estate / Statutory Law: The laws, rules and regulations enacted by legislatures and other governing bodies. MORE

Statutory Investment

Business / Finance / Statutory Investment: Used in the context of general equities. Standard deviation of the difference between the portfolio return and the desired investment benchmark return. MORE

Serial Redemption

Business / Finance / Serial Redemption: The redemption of a serial bond. MORE

Statutory Lien

Business / Real Estate / Statutory Lien: A lien imposed on property by statute—a tax lien, for example—in contrast to an equitable lien, which arises out of common law. MORE

Statutory Benefits

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Statutory Benefits: Benefits that are mandated by federal or state laws, such as Social Security, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation. MORE