Strict Liability

Business / Real Estate / Strict Liability: An owner of a property is responsible to an injured party without excuse.

Other Words for Liability

Liability Adjective Synonyms: disadvantage, drawback, hindrance, impediment, encumbrance, snag, hitch, barrier, obstacle, obstruction, burden, onus
Liability Noun Synonyms: answerability, responsibility, burden, onus, accountability

Other Words for Strict

Strict Verb Synonyms: severe, austere, authoritarian, autocratic, stern, firm, hard, tough, uncompromising, inflexible, cold-blooded, iron-fisted, tyrannical, harsh, ruthless, pitiless, unsympathetic
Strict Noun Synonyms: rigorous, narrow, close, undeviating, confining, constricting, constrictive, rigid, defined, precise, exact, exacting, stringent, meticulous, compulsive, punctilious, finicky or finical, scrupulous, attentive, conscientious, faithful, thorough, complete

Restricted Stock

Business / Finance / Restricted Stock: Stock that must be traded in compliance with special SEC regulations concerning its purchase and resale. These restrictions generally result from affiliate ownership, M&A activity, and underwriting ac MORE

Restricted Security

Business / Taxes / Restricted Security: Restricted securities are stocks or warrants that you acquire privately, through stock options or a corporate merger, rather than by buying them in the open market. For example, you may receive restri MORE

Restricted License

Business / Real Estate / Restricted License: A probationary real estate license granted after a license was revoked, suspended or denied. MORE

Restricted Surplus

Business / Finance / Restricted Surplus: A portion of retained earnings not allowed by law to be used for the payment of dividends. MORE

Restricted Travel Dates

Life Style / Travel / Restricted Travel Dates: A specified period of time when certain rates, fees, and taxes may apply that are not used during regular business times. MORE

Restriction Enzyme Cutting Site

Science / Genetics / Restriction Enzyme Cutting Site: A specific nucleotide sequence of dna at which a particular restriction enzyme cuts the dna. Some sites occur frequently in dna (e.g., every several hundred base pairs), others much less frequently (r MORE